About Us

General Information

Gazi University Turkish Culture and Haci Bektash VelÎ Research Quarterly is the first and only institution which carries out researches in its field in our country now. This institution started its studies as a research and practice center on 28 October 1987 based on Higher Education Legislation with the law number 2547.

The research center aims to put together the concerete and abstract elements of an original culture that has a thousand-year of history and has expanded to a wide area. All the elements of this thought, which has expanded to include Kazakhistan in Asia, Hungary in Europe, and Tunis, Algeria and Egypt in Africa, need to be reflected from archieve and historical papers to our day. It is aimed to present all these information without interpretation, to competent scientists, researches and humanity in every field of social sciences, especially about information analysis.

At the same time, cultural values which diffirentiate because of passing from one generation to another orally in different geogrophical places need to be compiled by using audio and visual tools and immediately  presented to competent scientists, researches and humanity. Th studies have focused on this direction with limited resources and various projects have been carried out to present the acquired information.

In general terms, Gazi University Turkish Culture and Haci Bektash VelÎ Research Quarterly aims to:

  1. Present Haci Bektash VelÎ’s place in Turkish culture scientifically, objectively and based on documents,

  2. Examine the political and social environment where Haci Bektash VelÎ grew up,

  3. Carry out common projects with the foundations and institutions that work for similar aims as the reseach center, contribute to the studies done before and the activities to be done,

  4. Find out written documents and books about the time when Haci Bektash VelÎ grew up,

  5. Search about the people ( Wandering dervish Pir Sultan, Grandfather Hasan and Father Gül) who were in Haci Bektash VelÎ’s impact area and are important people in our culture,

  6. Form a documentation center by archieveing all the studies done in this area,

  7. To make exact copies of the most important ones of the books as a serial about Haci Bektash VelÎ, Alewism and Bektashism which have been found in our libraries in written forms since the 13th century and publish and distribute their revised froms with today’s Turkish.